words by Harold Pinter
     (an adaptation of the play 'Silence')

     Robert Wyatt  (voice, percussion)
     Kevin Coyne 
(voice )
     Carla Bley 
(voice, piano, organ)
     Chris Spedding 
     Ron McClure 

     recorded January through June 1976
     Willow, NY, and Wiltshire, England


I Walk With My Girl / I Watch The Clouds / It Is Curiously Hot / When I Run / Sometimes I See People / Around Me Sits The Night / She Was Looking Down / For Instance / A Long Way / After My Work Each Day / On Good Evenings

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...ideas once amusing (Gorey's 'Hapless Child') or emotionally absorbing ('No Answer', from Beckett's 'How It Is') are now thoroughly played out. With due respect to Messrs. Coyne and Wyatt, who attempt to salvage this very lame duck, 'Silence' is possibly the least listenable record I have ever heard.

Indeed several members of the MM editorial staff have already volunteered to   splinter the disc against the filing cabinets here, and I can only sympathize with their reaction.

... imbecilic sing-song treatment ... the musicianship here is uniformly dull ... noodling electric piano rhythms of very little consequence ... every rock guitar cliché in the book ... uninteresting ... inferior ...



All your text-based compositions are difficult listening, yet only one has been  universally loathed by almost everyone who has heard it. What went wrong with  'Silence'?

It was mostly the English who started it, going on a rampage about somebody  messing with Harold Pinter, they really took it very personally. In fact I would think  that something like 'No Answer' would actually be a much tougher record to  listen to, but 'Silence' was indeed an extremely well-hated record (...laughs ...)