words by
     Samuel Beckett, Edward Gorey,
     Harold Pinter

     Jack Bruce  (voice)
     Michael Mantler 
     Rick Fenn 
     Don Preston 
     John Greaves 
(bass, piano)
     Nick Mason 

     recorded live, February 1987
     International Art-Rock Festival,


Preview / No Answer /Slow Orchestra Piece No.3 (Prisonniers) / For Instance / Slow Orchestra Piece No.8 (A L'Abattoir) / When I Run / The Remembered Visit / Slow Orchestra Piece No.6 / The Hapless Child / The Doubtful Guest

scores available here
listen to excerpt

Why did you make a LIVE album? Usually that sort of thing is done by people who perform a lot and have a touring  band, and isn't it a well-known fact that you hate performing?

Well, yes, but it would probably be nicer to say that I'm uncomfortable doing it. Although apparently one can get used to anything, and I've actually done a few more concerts since, without doing too much damage to myself or others.

Any plans for further live performances?

Touring is too difficult. I think I'll really try and avoid that. But then again, if someone really insists, as was the case with this project .... who knows?

How did you choose the material?  Hasn't some of it already been recorded?

Yes, I thought it might be a good idea to do sort of a retrospective, presenting some older music in a new and different context. And since I had a vocalist, I used a few of the songs from earlier periods, with lyrics by writers such as Beckett, Gorey, and Harold Pinter. And also new music, some of which will reappear, in quite different form, on my next album.