ECM 2054

     Michael Mantler  (trumpet)
     Bjarne Roupé  (guitar)
     Bob Rockwell  (tenor saxophone)
     Pedro Carneiro  (marimba, vibraphone)
     Roswell Rudd  (trombone)
     Majella Stockhausen  (piano)
     Nick Mason  (percussion)

     with the
     Kammerensemble Neue Musik Berlin
     conducted by Roland Kluttig

     recorded November 2007 - February 2008
     Berlin, New York,


Trumpet / Guitar / Saxophone / MarimbaVibe / Trombone / Piano / Percussion
scores available here
listen to selected excerpts

   Kammerensemble Neue Musik Berlin

   Rebecca Lenton (flute)
   Antje Thierbach (oboe)
   Winfried Rager (clarinet, bass clarinet)
   Theo Nabicht (bass clarinet)

   Naama Golan (trumpet)
   Daniël Ploeger (trombone)
   Robin Hayward (tuba)

   Ekkehard Windrich (violin)
   Daniella Strasfogel (violin)
   Kirstin Maria Pientka (viola)
   Ringela Riemke (cello)
   Arnulf Ballhorn (double bass)

   plus guests -
      Bjarne Roupé (guitar)
      Majella Stockhausen (piano)
      Pedro Carneiro (marimba, vibraphone)


Not intended as solo concertos in a strict, classical sense, these compositions, even though perhaps technically difficult, were not conceived as primarily virtuosic gymnastics, and therefore do not ask the near-impossible from the soloists just for the sake of demonstrating technical prowess. I prefer to simply think of them as pieces of music, some completely notated, some involving improvisation, that happen to feature the unique sound of a particular instrument combined with the individuality of the soloists.

In a way, some forty years later, these concertos represent a return to as well as a re-thinking of the original concept of my work with the Jazz Composer's Orchestra, the soloists now from contemporary new music (non-improvising) as well as from new jazz and rock (improvising/ freely interpreting), supported by a classical, though musically flexible, chamber ensemble.

- Michael Mantler

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