The ORCHESTRA SUITES project was premiered September 5-7, 2019 at Porgy & Bess, Vienna, Austria. Since the Jazz Composer's Orchestra Update and Comment C'est projects (both presented as well as recorded at Porgy & Bess in 2013 and 2016 respectively) Michael Mantler continued working on orchestral reinterpretations and further re-processing of older works. The result was this series of suites. As with the Jazz Composer's Orchestra Update, these new pieces again present an entirely new view of some of his life's work. The recording, entitled CODA, is now available from ECM Records. Scores of all compositions are available here and preview audio excerpts can be listened to here.


Two concerts took place at Porgy & Bess in Vienna on September 10/11, presenting the compositions from Mantler's CONCERTOS album (originally premiered live at the Jazzfest Berlin in 2007 and subsequently released by ECM), featuring the Janus Ensemble and soloists, conducted by Christoph Cech. A recording of the September 11 concert will be broadcast at the Austrian Radio ORF on October 4.


Michael Mantler has been preparing a series of print editions, covering selected recorded work from a 50-year period, in its entirety distributed and released by ECM Records.

The first three volumes are produced as hard-cover books, A4 format, and include illuminating introductions by Richard Williams.

EDITIONS - Volume One - THE JAZZ COMPOSER'S ORCHESTRA AND ITS UPDATES (256 pages), includes engraved scores of all compositions contained on the two corresponding recordings, The Jazz Composer's Orchestra (1968 / JCOA 1001/2) and The Jazz Composer's Orchestra Update (2013 / ECM 2391), as well as facsimile scans of the original scores that were used during the iconic 1968 recording sessions.

EDITIONS - Volume Two - VOICES AND WORDS (280 pages) includes engraved scores for the music contained on Many Have No Speech (1988 / WATT/19), Cerco Un Paese Innocente (1995 / ECM 1556) and Hide and Seek (2001 / ECM 1738), a selection of Mantler's extensive work with the very special voices of Jack Bruce, Robert Wyatt, Marianne Faithfull, Mona Larsen and Susi Hyldgaard, interpreting texts by Samuel Beckett, Ernst Meister, Philippe Soupault, Giuseppe Ungaretti and Paul Auster, all in orchestral contexts.

EDITIONS - Volume Three - CONCERTOS AND SUITES (272 pages) includes engraved scores for purely orchestral works from Concertos (2008 / ECM 2054) and CODA / Orchestra Suites (2021 / ECM 2697), Mantler's current new release.

EDITIONS are now exclusively available from ECM Records, at a price of 35 €, coupled with an attractive special sale offer of all relevant CDs, if purchased together with the books.

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 last updated:  September 15, 2021